Nordic Healthcare Group

NHG is a Finnish growth company owned 100% by its founders and employees. We are a pioneer in health and social service development, and specialise in producing new, innovative solutions for our customers’ needs. NHG was founded in 2004 by researchers at the Helsinki University of Technology, and our work is based on internationally recognised, high-quality research.

For the past 10 years, NHG has helped its clients improve their health and social service production in both the public and the private sector. Our clients include health care districts, municipalities, private service providers, pharmaceutical companies, venture capitalists and health care technology companies. For more information, see our selected references. We employ about 60 seasoned specialists and young talent, whose expertise enables customised configurations that best meet the client’s needs. Their work is supported by medical professionals in their respective fields of expertise, who are frequently invited to assist in assignments. The strength of our staff lies in a diverse knowledge base and extensive experience in various industries, complemented by international networks and project experience.

According to a customer survey conducted in 2013, clients see NHG as a dynamic agent of change that is able to approach problems analytically and proficiently. Our expertise, commitment and credibility are particularly valued.

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