We support our customers in the analysis, planning and implementation of their strategic options. Our strategy work is founded on a fundamental understanding of current and future healthcare and social care services needs and opportunities.
We help our customers to create municipality and joint municipal-level strategies and develop service structure strategies. We provide commercial due diligence advisory in mergers and acquisitions, plan public sector centers of excellence and conduct national and international market studies.

Project examples

The City of Lahti: Organization of the social and health services in the Päijät-Häme Region

Intera Partners: Commercial due diligence of a hospital furniture manufacturer

Megaklinikka Oy: Business plan

An international pharmaceutical company: Cost-utility model for international price and reimbursement applications

Pharma Industry Finland: Several studies of total healthcare and social care cost impacts of different medicines

City of St. Petersburg and St. Petersburg State University: Concept planning for new university hospital

Kainuu province: Concept planning for a new hospital

60 Swedish municipalities: Analysis, implementation and development of free choice system