Nordic Healthcare Group

Please note, that our english section is under construction. The links on this page point to the old site that – while accurate – doesn’t fully encompass the entire state or future of NHG.

Nordic Healthcare Group is a knowledge service provider specializing in the analysis, planning and development of service management and structures. Together with our clients within the healthcare and welfare industries, we design innovative models that aim to enhance productivity, cost-effectiveness, quality and well being of personnel. Our key principle is customer orientation.

Our business areas are:

Consulting services

Benchmarking services

NHG provides services exclusively for the health care and social sector. Due to our academic background, we possess highly analytical skills and have access to the latest research information. We network interactively with the topmost professionals and decision makers in our area of expertise.

We practice proven methods adapted from industrial, commercial and other service sectors for both public and private service providers´ needs. Our staff includes engineers, economists, physicians and nurses and an appropriate combination of these talents is tailored specifically for each customer´s needs. We have at our disposal several highly renowned clinical and other experts for internal consultation. Our staff´s versatile knowledge base and experience from a wide array of industries is what makes this company´s value.

Our clientele consists of several hospitals in Finland and abroad, hospital districts, municipalities, cities, laboratories, radiological units, private medical centers, trusts, investors and organizations that specialize in health care ICT and technologies. For further information, see selected references.