The City of Tampere: Coaching of the home care managers and change implementation

NHG collaborates with Mawell Care as the senior home care service integrator in the City of Tampere. NHG’s integrator activities include the development of the City of Tampere’s own service production. One of the focal points here is to improve home care productivity.

The aim is to examine and explain the different productivity rates in different areas, and support the development of all areas towards the desired level.

At the beginning of 2013, the productivity of the City of Tampere’s own home care production was analysed in order to spot area-specific differences and related causes. Methods used included quantitative analyses and interviews. The data consisted of home care output data on visits and customers, duty rosters, key person interviews, and on-site observations.

On the basis of the results obtained, management and supervisory work were recognised as the key development areas. The focus was on the creation of a new, more productive organisational culture, and on change management. Senior managers were coached, and first line management trained from a productivity viewpoint. The aim was to strengthen managerial skills and improve managers’ practical knowledge on productivity key factors. The project also included management support and development of better management team practices.

During the period under review (July-December 2013), the home care client time (direct working time) in the whole Tampere city area increased from 50% to 55%. Compared to other municipalities, the proportion of the direct working time is now excellent.

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