Tuusula municipality: Change in health and elderly care services for improved smoothness and economy

In the first stage, NHG analysed the whole municipal social and health service sector in regards to its economy and ease of use. An architect was invited to estimate the suitability of the facilities. The result was a change plan for primary health care organisation, a reform plan for the elderly care service structure, and a floor plan for a new health centre based on processes and multi-operator synergies.

As part of the implementation phase, NHG participated in the planning and tendering of Tuusula ’s new welfare service centre. The aim of the centre is to support independent living for the elderly and to prevent municipalities from the increasing costs generated by the changes in the age structure. NHG participated in service production conceptualisation, evaluation of land use and allocation, and planning the different forms of housing for the elderly.

The planning of the welfare service centre included, for example, defining the operators, market dialogue and acquisition planning. At the implementation stage, an overall executor was assigned and ensured the construction and financing of the apartments, and provision of services. The acquisition was carried out using a consultation procedure. NHG’s participation in the project consisted of technical market dialogue, acquisition criteria determination, processing of the applications for participation, negotiations with the selected consortia, the drafting of the final request for proposal, processing of tenders, and drawing up the acquisition proposal for the Tuusula Municipal Council.

NHG also supported Tuusula Municipality during contract negotiations. NHG acted as a representative of Tuusula, and negotiated with the consortium with the assistance of other experts.

The winning consortium will produce hundreds of wheelchair-accessible apartments that adapt to the needs of the elderly, as well as services the support both group homes and independent living. The welfare service centre contributes to greater regional development in the Tuusula area.

The project was carried out in collaboration with PTCS Services Oy.