Vesa Komssi, CEO, NHG Consulting

Master’s degree in economics (Helsinki School of Business), 1999-2004, a finance major.

CEMS Master’s in International Management, 2002-2004

As of 1 October 2010, CEO of new subsidiary NHG Consulting; before that, a project manager

My background is in international health care management consulting and in banking. Prior to NHG, I was with the Boston Consulting Group in Stockholm and Helsinki, and Merrill Lynch’s investment banking department in London.

At NHG, I have been involved in a broad spectrum of projects from service project development to M&A consulting. As an example of the former, we re-designed the facilities of a private laboratory company, and helped develop its processes. In acquisitions, we typically support the buyer, often a venture capitalist, in evaluating the company and its market. In addition to these, I have focused on developing new business models for NHG and our clients.

Social and health services have reached a point where it is patently obvious that the system and its concepts need to be developed if the present welfare state is to be maintained. In my work at NHG, I am attracted by the chance to play a part in this process, and to develop services that better meet the needs of the ageing population. In addition, I appreciate the fact that I have a say in matters related to my work and use of time. This combined with relaxed atmosphere and low organisation makes NHG, at least in my eyes, a superb working environment.